Japanese Resources and Guides

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Japanese/English Dictionary – http://jisho.org
Offline Dictionary for Android – https://goo.gl/hF9Ow1
Offline Dictionary for Apple – https://goo.gl/jbXev3
Pop-up dictionary for Chrome – https://goo.gl/4tmy7b
Pop-up dictionary for FireFox – https://goo.gl/3UOvbg
SRS (digital flashcard for memorising) – http://ankisrs.net

Elementary and above
Journal Writing – http://lang-8.com
Kanji Learning – http://www.kanjidamage.com
Japanese Learning Site – http://www.erin.ne.jp
Grammar Guide – http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/complete
Quick Questions – https://hinative.com
JLPT Resources – http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/
Sentence Pronunciation – http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/phrasing/index

Intermediate and above
Japanese subtitles for Anime – http://goo.gl/593AVa
Voice Comic Site – http://vomic.shueisha.co.jp/
Improving Pronunciation – http://goo.gl/12glg3
Accent Dictionary – http://accent.u-biq.org/english.html
Accent Search – http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/search/index
Listening Practice – http://mykikitori.com/index.html
Commonly used Vocabulary – http://www.offbeatband.com/
Simple Japanese Videos – https://goo.gl/2TaJfN

Easy Online News – http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/
N3 to N1 grammar videos – http://nihongonomori.com/
Collocation Dictionary – http://nlt.tsukuba.lagoinst.info/search/
Free Japanese e-books – http://www.aozora.gr.jp/

Hard-Copy Japanese Textbook Recommendations
“Power Up” Series – http://www.unicom-lra.co.jp/ja/ja_e.html#ja_e
“Genki” Series – http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/about_en

Hard-Copy Japanese Books Recommendations
Read Real Japanese Fiction: Short Stories by Contemporary Writers

Cultural Resources
Tidbits about Japan and other Asia countries – http://en.rocketnews24.com
All-rounded articles about Japan – http://www.tofugu.com

Other Tips and Tricks
1) Talk to yourself in Japanese in your head. This will allow you to think in Japanese. Also, by checking up words that you want to think (but do not know how to) will immediately give you a boost in vocabulary.

2) Find yourself a language partner who is at the same level as you and try your best to use Japanese with each other when conversing. Having someone who is above your level might stress you out. Having someone who is below your level might stop you from using Japanese that is too difficult. With someone of the same level, there should be nothing holding you back.

2.5) Even if you do not know proper grammar, make an effort to use vocabulary that you have learnt. Example: “What shall わたしたち have for ばんごはん tonight?”. Effort is more than half the battle won.

3) Be sure to have a well balanced input and output of the four areas. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. Also, do pay more attention to your weakest area. Remember what they say, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

4) Make it a habit to study Japanese every day, even if it is just a bit. If you have a hard time keeping to such dedications, you might want to use a habit tracker. My personal favourite is “Loop – Habit Tracker”. For those on iPhone, you can try “Productive”.

5) Once you are at an Intermediate level, try finding actual Japanese friends who want to learn English, to do a language exchange. Language exchanges can be formal or informal. Friends can be made through language meet-up sessions, social media, Lang-8, HelloTalk, or through other Japanese learners who might kindly introduce their friends to you.

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